The Beginning: Welcome, welcome

September 4, 2016 0 Comments

Hello and welcome!

Starting my blog I wanted to welcome you on this page that I have been developing for the last week and imagining for the last far too many weeks. I hope it will bring you a lot of inspiration, will make you laugh and show you that

“dreams come a size too big so you can grow into them.”

As a passionate reader, writer, dreamer and a true life lover I always wanted to start a page, a community of people, to share my never-ending enthusiasm with. I truly hope you will take part in my search of the most beautiful places, try (to cook, find… fail?) the best cuisine and fashion my way through the streets of Vienna.

Follow me, my lovely husband and, of course, Sammy aka The Flying Cocker!

Thanks for reading and lets begin our journey together!

Love, Sandra🎈


Hello and welcome to The Flying Cocker! My name is Sandra and I am currently living in Vienna, Austria. Discover my beautiful land, explore Vienna with me, jump on the first train/plane to anywhere. Did you choose your next adventure? I know I did! Hop on!