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August 25, 2017 0 Comments

Coming back from sunny Greece to “chilly but wants to be sunny Vienna” aka “I don’t know what to wear – t-shirt or a jacket”, can be a little unpleasant for some, but I truly enjoy it after burning under the sun for seven days straight.

What I Wore On My Summer Holiday In Greece

I am a simple kind of gal, therefore my summer holiday fashion consists mostly of “something thrown over bikini”- easy to strip and jump into the water. Playsuit, jumpsuit or simply a pair of shorts on top of a one piece swimsuit and you are good to go. And let me tell you the best thing about going to a summer holiday in August – the huge end of the season sales! For example, the prices at Primark are really affordable at any time, but in August you can get a lot of the summer pieces for as little as 2-5€.

I didn’t bother packing too many clothes and as you can see from the photos below, most of my outfits are simply a jumpsuit/playsuit on top of my bikini. It is simple, easy and it doesn’t require too much thought. A good pair of denim shorts is a must and it goes with everything. I believe I took also only one small bag, a few t-shirts, and a few pairs of shoes and that was it.

(High Waisted Shorts – New Yorker, Swimsuit – Tezenis, Sunnies – Primark)
(Playsuit and Bikini Bottoms – Primark, Bikini Top – n/a)
(Jumpsuit – H&M, Platforms – Bocelli, Bag – H&M)
(Playsuit – Primark, Sandals – Deichmann)

Let me know in the comments below what is your preferred summer holiday style.

Love, Sandra xx

Photos by Zlatan Bašić


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