Travel Diary: 7 Days in Zakynthos, Greece | Day 1+2

August 26, 2017 0 Comments

7 days in Zakynthos


Starting your summer holiday at a beautiful island, such as Zakynthos, with an early flight might not be the perfect option, but if you are travelling on a budget it is a good way to save some money. We landed at Zakynthos International Airport at 7:30 am local time and took a cab to Laganas. It takes 10-15 minutes to reach the resort and it costs about 20 euros. We booked our vacation just a week in advance, so there weren’t many housing options left to choose from. Hotel Natalie in Laganas was the best place we found within our budget.

Laganas, turns out, is the party resort. Its main road offering food, drinks and endless parties. We weren’t aware of it, but fortunately, our hotel was in a quieter area of the area.

Our first day was spent mainly sleeping by the pool and gathering information about the sights, different trips and things to do in Zakynthos. That evening we sat in bed and made a rough plan for the next six days.


We started the day at 8 am with a quick breakfast and got ready for the day.


  1. Get a taxi boat to Marathonisi Island (10€/person for a round trip).
  2. Go to Zakynthos City with the bus (1,80€/person – one-way ticket).

Our taxi boat trip somehow ended up merging with a short turtle spotting tour and we got to see a “caretta caretta”! It was nice but we saw the turtle for 3 seconds exactly… it was not very impressive. The boat makes a full circle around Cameo Island and Maratonisi Island before leaving you at the beach. Marathonisi (Turtle Island) is a truly beautiful place but sadly for the exception of a thin strip of sand, it is closed for exploring. There are a lot of boats coming and going, which makes it really crowded, but we managed to have a really good time. Quick tip: Go as early as possible or in the late afternoon to avoid the biggest crowds. The water is the most beautiful blue/green color, it is stunning.

After a few hours on the beach, we took the taxi boat back to Laganas and spent some time chilling in the hotel. In the last afternoon we got the bus to Zakynthos City (20 min) and simply walked around and explored a bit. We were exhausted though, so around 9 pm we got the bus back to Laganas and spent the rest of the evening chilling, listening to the crashing waves and watching fireworks (there were fireworks pretty much every second night).

Hope you enjoyed the first 2 days of our “7 days in Zakynthos” adventure. If you would like to read what we did the rest of the trip, Day 3 post will be coming on Monday.

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