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December 8, 2017 0 Comments

It is Christmas in two weeks, so I thought to share a few gift ideas for all of you who are not done with your Christmas shopping yet (me included). I am starting with a beautiful watch from Rosefield Watches, that arrived yesterday and I am obsessed!

The Tribeca – Rosefield Watches Review

1. The Design.

I got the Tribeca rosegold watch + an additional brown strap. And OMG, it is stunning. To be honest with you, I was worried that it might not look as good as online. Fortunately, it is absolutely perfect. I went for a classic, timeless design. Something that I could wear after 5 years and still look good. Plus, it goes perfectly with everything in my wardrobe. I love that you can get an additional strap and switch up the looks.

2. Shipping.

Here it gets a little disappointing. I waited 10 days for my watch to be delivered and it was written fast delivery: 1-2 days. I believe they were overwhelmed with the number of orders they have received and everything was out of stock. So, if you order from them, prepare to wait a little longer.

3. Customer Service.

My order was supposed to arrive with a free matching bracelet. Unfortunately, the armband was not in the parcel that I got and there was the smallest note (that I almost threw away) saying that it may take 2 more weeks until it arrives. It was a little disappointing and most of all that there was no email from them informing me of the delay. I will let you know when it arrives.

Overall, stunning watch! Beautiful quality, timeless look, goes with everything. It was worth the wait. I think it will be a perfect gift for your special loved one – girlfriend, wife, sister or mother.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Thank you for reading and happy Christmas shopping!

Love, Sandra xx

PS: Sorry for the quality of the photos. I am working from 8 till  17, so there is no sunlight left when I get home. Will try to update them on the weekend!


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