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December 10, 2017 0 Comments

The Christmas market at Palace Schönbrunn is a true wonderland that offers everything from festive food and drinks to the most beautiful little craft shops.

Vienna is a city that does Christmas really well. Lights and Christmas decorations appear from the beginning of November, followed by 10+ Christmas markets in December. It is truly the most wonderful city to be in at Christmastime. And speaking of Chrismas markets…

I must admit that the first thing that pops into my mind while thinking of Christmas markets is “COLD“. Only after that, I think of Christmas awesomeness.

I have already visited a few of the Christmas markets this year and they are amazing as always. Be prepared for a bunch of posts and lots of photos in their honor. Starting with

The Christmas Market at Palace Schönbrunn

The weather: freezing cold.

The theme: stars.

The background: beautiful Schönbrunn and a giant Christmas tree that makes me super happy every year.

The food: try the jacket potatoes.

The drinks: go for Christmas punch or mulled wine.

The Christmas market at Palace Schönbrunn is super unique comparing to the others in Vienna. It offers everything: Christmas decoration (wreaths, stars, baubles, etc), unique gifts (handmade toys, cosmetics, porcelain), stationery (Christmas cards, planners, notebooks), food, warm drinks, and sweets. It was so cold that the moment we arrived we were ready to leave and come another time but I had to take some photos for you. Hope you enjoy them and feel super festive after reading this.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Sandra


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