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December 12, 2017 0 Comments

I had a really hard time this year to find a good looking Christmas wreath. So, I decided to make one myself!

Do you remember my Christmas tree drama? It was so bushy, it didn’t fit anywhere and we ended up cutting the bottom. I thought that was the saddest thing but then I realized that now I can make my own Christmas wreath! The realization hit me after reading Poppy Deyes DIY Christmas wreath post.  It is so inspiring, you have to check it out. Later that day Lydia was making Christmas wreaths in her Vlogmas. I thought that was it, I must try and make one. And here is the result…

DIY Christmas Wreath

You will need

  • a metal ring. I got mine from Søstrene Grene. It was really inexpensive (around 1,20€).
  • some kind of greenery. Mine is from the tree I cut, but you can find some in every flower shop this time a year.
  • a string or a wire.
  • decoration: berries, flowers, pinecones, fairy lights… basically, whatever you can think of.

It will be really hard for me to explain how to make it. This is the video that I watched and followed: here.

The next step is to get crazy with the decoration.

I went for berries and pinecones and this is the result. Sammy took a special interest in the wreath and wanted to be in the photo session. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

Sandra xx


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