The Flying Cocker

Hello, I’m Sandra and welcome to The Flying Cocker!

The Flying Cocker is my personal online heaven where I write about Vienna, my travels, good food, and lifestyle.

Why did I start blogging?

Writing and taking photos are two of my favorite things, so naturally, I always wanted to start my very own blog. I was postponing it for a very long time until I realized it is “now or never” kind of thing.

Why “The Flying Cocker”?

The title of this blog was inspired by Sammy – my 2-years-old cocker spaniel baby, who believes that walking is simply too slow and flies around, ears flapping.

Explore Austria.

Ever since I moved to Austria, I absolutely love exploring the country. There are so many beautiful places worth visiting and I truly hope you enjoy this series in the Travel category.

Vienna Sightseeing Spots.

As a foreigner living in Vienna, I like to share my tips, favorite places and short guides to the city for all of you planning to visit/move to the beautiful Austrian capital.

From vegetarian to plant-based…

I have been posting a lot of vegetarian recipes on TFC, but from now on I will be concentrating on mostly vegan/plant-based options since that is something I will be changing in my diet (lactose intolerance and all). So, keep your eyes open for healthy and delicious (probably Pinterest inspired) recipes coming in the future.


Fashion, beauty and everyday life – a little bit of everything.

English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize in advance for all of the linguistic/ grammar mistakes in each and every post!
All of the featured images are my own unless credited otherwise (probably taken by my hubby – Zlatan Bašić).

Thank you for reading and lots of love,

Sandra x